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Aidan Booth Net Worth! Who is Aidan Booth?

While going through different sources we found them claiming that Aidan Booth, one of the founders of popular Kibo Code Quantum Program has a net worth of $1.7 million. However, in our opinion, it might not be true. His original net worth will be somewhere around this figure but we can’t tell the exact figure. Since he is doing an online business, there can be ups and downs in the market that can affect his net worth a bit. If we look upon some more facts and figures on the internet, they said that a person with a net worth of at least $1 million is considered wealthy. Hence, we can say that Aidan Booth is one of the world’s high-paid (self-paid) entrepreneurs.

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Let’s have a brief look at Aidan’s background and his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Aidan Booth


Aidan Booth has not had a fanciful childhood with unlimited luxuries. He has grown up on a cattle farm in New Zealand. It was in 2003 when he met Carolina whom he fell in love with. Following her, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina shortly after their meeting. Though he shifted to Buenos Aires, he could not speak Spanish. Not being able to speak the native language is certainly a big problem. He also had a degree in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering, despite it, he could not find a suitable job for himself. Since to make a living, one needs to work, Aidan Booth started to search for an online job.

How Aidan Booth Started Online?

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He got his first online work in 2005 when he created his own websites. Unfortunately, those few websites could not help him earn significant money. Instead, what he got was a convenience to eat in the best steakhouses around.However, this idea did not turn out to be a permanent solution. He had to make money for his family.

Therefore, in 2006 he tried another way to earn online. He used Google AdWords to create affiliated websites keeping their operations simple and easy to comprehend. Afterwards, he slowly and gradually started to make commission sales from those websites. This laid the foundation of e-commerce marketing and then, Kibo Code Quantum Program also.

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He found that affiliated e-commerce websites are leveraging from the Google traffic and ranking at the top positions in search engines. Tracking this success, he decided to test his skills on his websites by the implementation of different methods. This way, Aidan identified which things are practically effective and which are not. This knowledge from doing experiments gave him an idea about how to improve the strategies and he finally become a successful online entrepreneur.

After successfully developing thousands of websites, Aidan partnered with Steve to introduce another successful program that is now called Kibo Code Quantum Program. It is estimated that from this Online Marketing Classroom, Aidan and Steve are generating $50,000 every month. Aidan is also running a Facebook page and a blog as sources of income other than their Kibo Code Quantum Program.

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