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7 Reasons Why You Need to Sell on Walmart Marketplace 2022

It’s pretty challenging for startups to become a dominating company when they have big, successful names in their competition. Moreover, it’s no less than a headache to develop a website from scratch.

As you see, promoting a personal website involves many critical steps, and it will also take too much time that your business may not be able to afford. Therefore, moving to the established marketplaces where you will be easily recognized is a smart choice.

You all have heard about Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and other platforms. You might also know many successful entrepreneurs who have been doing business with one or more of these platforms for a long time. That’s because these marketplaces have a significant reach and guarantee exposure to your business.

Though Amazon and eBay are the first choices of various companies, they may not be effective for you now. Since they are very popular, they have already been saturated with well-known companies who have increased the competition. They have set the bar too high that it will be tough for new businesses to earn their place.

That’s also a reason for a gain in the popularity of Walmart, which has not yet been discovered and approached by several companies. However, with valuable modifications in its policy, Walmart is becoming another successful business platform.

If you are still confused about whether to start selling on Walmart is suitable for your business or not, we have found some key benefits to share with you. Keep reading to make the right decision.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Sell on Walmart Marketplace 2022


  • Less Competition

As discussed earlier, Walmart is still growing and hasn’t reached the threshold of sellers like Amazon or other sites. Also, Walmart has set some standards for sellers to get approval for selling their products or services through Walmart. It will only allow those businesses on its site that meet the criteria. Hence, the number of sellers is ultimately reduced in comparison to other platforms. We also consider it’s necessary to avoid making the marketplace a hub of poor-quality service providers.

This process of selection automatically filters the best sellers to access Walmart’s site. Though this process takes time, it’s always worth the wait to become a part of the site where your business may expand every day and night without fear of being taken down by your competitors.

  • Greater Exposure

Getting exposed to a significant population is essential for any business to trigger conversion. Until the majority does not notice you, how can you expect to increase your sales? This is where Walmart helps you with bringing your products before a large audience. It was reported that Walmart is experiencing 100 million new visits every month from active online users. It eventually increases your chance to be in the limelight and find some new customers through Walmart. Who knows that those consumers will be satisfied with your services, leading to your website, and becoming regular customers!

  • No Subscription Fee

Has your business stopped generating revenue from Walmart? Do you still have to pay them for listing your products without making profits? No. Walmart does not charge you anything if you are not earning through their platform. People who have experience running PPC campaigns on other marketplaces know that they have to pay for every click made by the visitor, whether they make a purchase or not. However, Walmart charges for this only if the person who clicks also leads to purchase.

Also, there is no monthly fee or subscription charge on Walmart to get your products listed for business purposes. Walmart only charges a small portion of your income as a referral fee. Depending on the product you sell, it varies from 6 to 15 % and is charged for each conversion.

Unlike Walmart, other online marketplaces keep charging a monthly fee to list your products even though you are not earning anything from them.

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  • Builds Your Credibility

Earning the trust of consumers in online marketing is the hardest of all jobs. However, selling through Walmart gives you the perks of getting customers’ trust and confidence in your products. Walmart has gained online buyers’ trust, which automatically benefits your business when you sell through its platform. Why? Because the buyers are assured that if your products are on Walmart, they must have qualified for it. It will indirectly affect the organic reach of your original website that’s incredible.

  • Easy Checkout Process

Similar to the case where people leave a site if it takes three seconds to load on average, buyers often let go of their purchase if they have to face many complications during the checkout process. Instead, a quick and simple checkout attracts more buyers to complete their online purchases without waiting for the typical formalities. Again, Walmart has the edge over other marketplaces for providing a quick checkout with an easy process. Moreover, transactions are encrypted, and people experience a secure checkout process. Therefore, the majority of online buyers regarded it as a safe online marketplace.

  • Reliable Customer Support

Walmart is also providing customer support to your customers. It does not charge anything from you for doing this. It ensures that your customers will receive the proper assistance at the time of need. However, if their concerns are specifically related to your products, then the site will refer such complaints to you.

  • More Profits

Unlike Amazon, Walmart is not charging heavily for its services from the sellers. No subscription fee, no hidden charges, no customer support fee, and still many more perks to enjoy along with doing business on Walmart. All these things go in favour of a seller, and he is assured of getting more profit while doing business with Walmart.

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Final Words

Walmart is increasing its community of sellers and visitors because of its incredible features and services. Though becoming a part of this community as a seller requires effort, there’s no way back once you successfully do. You can continue to flourish your business with Walmart, ensuring that you provide the best customer service possible.

Since Walmart makes no compromise on the quality and reputation, you must develop your products’ quality that is not just acceptable but heartily welcomed by the customers on Walmart. Only this way you can maximize your reach with this fastest-growing online marketplace.

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